During orthodontic treatment, our orthodontist may provide you elastic bands to help increase the effectiveness of your treatment. If you are curious to learn about orthodontic elastics in Lawrenceville, Georgia, we encourage you to speak with our team! Feel free to contact Starling Orthodontics today at (770) 963-8085 and schedule an appointment for orthodontics with Dr. Kenneth Starling.

Orthodontic elastic bands are often used to help move your teeth gradually in to their correct alignment. The bands are crafted from a strong latex material that stretches to help move the position of your teeth. Often, these bands will stretch either from the upper jaw to the lower jaw and in certain cases will connect to nearby teeth. If worn incorrectly, these bands can prevent your teeth from moving in to their proper alignment. Our orthodontist will take great care and consideration when determining the placement of your bands and will discuss options with you to help maximize your treatment as much as possible.

If worn as directed by our orthodontist, your elastic bands will significantly help to maximize your treatment plan and speed up the process of your braces. We encourage you to learn more about orthodontic elastic bands by scheduling a visit with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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