"Dr. Starling has been an exceptional orthodontist to both me and my son. I have a younger son who will need his services and I would not go to anyone else. He is very caring, listens, and makes common sense decisions. He has a gentle touch that I feel is important in this line of work. Together with his staff he develops a plan and communicates them with you. I have not had my braces for close to two years and I am still very happy with how my smile turned out. The staff is professional, caring and makes you feel at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Starling and his team." - Esther Meyer

"I have been coming to Dr. Starling for many years with my 3 daughters. I agree the staff is wonderful...He has always been wonderful to us and has always explained exactly what the procedure will be and what the outcome will be. I have never had a bad experience at this office. The procedures have been what was explained and what was expected. I have never waited more than 10 minutes to get in to our appointments. I recommend him to many of my friends, and know that many have gone to him, with no complaints. Wonderful Doctor and wonderful staff!" - Kathy March

"Words cannot describe the outstanding care my daughter Meghan has received from Dr. Starling and his staff over the years. Dr. Starling is very educated and his work is exceptional! Meghan's treatment was beyond our expectations. I recommend Dr. Starling to everyone that is considering orthodontic care. The office staff is wonderful to work with and they treat you like family. Thanks to everyone for making Meghan's visits so positive and results so amazing! Kudos to Angela for making impressions a breeze!" - Tiffany Lee

"Dr. Starling is an excellent orthodontist with outstanding integrity. He has seen each of my three kids and has always provided an honest and professional assessment with our family's best interests in mind. For example, he recommended delaying braces for optimal benefit rather than seeking immediate financial gain for his practice. He also called to offer help and advice when he learned of an accident involving my daughter's front teeth. Because of his professionalism and awesome staff, we returned to his office for my oldest son's braces soon to be followed by his brother and sister. Dr. Starling is very highly recommended." - Terry Hipp

"Dr. Starling is the best orthodontist you could ask for. He treated both of my kids and their smiles are as straight as they can be. He is wonderful and promotes such a relaxing office environment. The girls at the front desk really set the tone. They are fantastic. I don't think I have ever seen them in a bad mood. I have referred no less than a dozen people to him." - Bill Axley

"As an adult patient, I was very apprehensive about getting braces at 41. I waited until both of my kids had their braces before deciding to take the task on for my own oral health. My TMJ was giving me horrible headaches and the night guard alone was not helping. Dr. Starling never pushed me into braces and offered many options for me. This is not a pain free procedure, but they have tricks to help ease any of your discomfort. I am thrilled beyond words with the results. So if you are an adult going in to fix alignment issues or going in with your children, you are making a very smart decision. Dr. Starling will help you make the best choices and assist you with every step in your journey. Thank you to Dr. Starling and his staff for making my family smile with confidence and helping to eliminate my horrible headaches! I truly miss seeing them every 6 weeks; they are like family." - Cynthia Hardie

"Love Dr. Starling. Everyone I know goes to Dr. Starling! He is the best. I have two daughters and both have gone to Dr. Starling for their braces. I have recommended him to everyone I know. I would not trust anyone else with the orthodontics of my girl’s teeth and they have the beautiful smiles to prove it!" - Paula Huys

"Both of my children and I have been patients of Dr. Starling with fantastic results. My children each had excellent results with their braces, and I had great results using Invisalign. Dr. Starling and the entire staff is professional, friendly, and do top notch work for a reasonable price. We have never had to wait more than 5 minutes, which is great when the kids have to get to school. I always recommend Dr. Starling to friends, and that is my highest compliment." - Keith Whitner

"Dr. Starling is a GREAT orthodontist! He doesn't rush to put braces on. We went several times before he felt that my son was ready for braces. After having braces on for 18 months, my son's teeth are perfect. I LOVE his smile!! I highly recommend Dr. Starling and his wonderful staff is an added bonus!!!" - Maria Butler

"Dr. Starling is an excellent orthodontist. I have known him for over 18 years now. Dr. Rathburn is my primary orthodontist but Dr. Starling on more than one occasion has assisted me with my orthodontic care. I highly recommend him and the level of care that he provides his patients is outstanding. I have several family members who will be looking for an orthodontist in the near future and I will be recommending Dr. Kenneth Starling." - Stacy Reimer

"Dr. Kenneth Starling is an awesome guy! I went to his office for my braces and had no trouble at all with any of the procedures. Followed each instruction on every visit and I managed to get my braces off before the project time! I highly recommend him!" - Brian Hardie

"Dr. Starling and his staff are AWESOME! Dr. Starling did my braces and I was so impressed with my results that when it was time for my son to have braces, I never considered going anywhere else. He and his staff are very professional and so personable. I would highly recommend Dr. Starling to everyone." - Katie Varn

"Dr. Kenneth Starling is the bomb!!! My son had a very difficult case and our orthodontist at the time referred us to Dr. Starling due to his extensive experience and professional aptitude and I am thrilled he did! Dr. Starling did such a fantastic job on my eldest son's teeth that I decided to have mine done...again. I am 50 years old and had braces back when I was 17. My bite was off and my teeth had crowded together again. Dr. Starling fixed everything and I now have a beautiful smile! My youngest just got his braces off. Dr. Starling did a great job on him as well! That's 3 success stories in one family! Dr. Starling is the consummate professional...incredibly kind and caring, has incredible work integrity and has created a terrific office environment that mirrors his work ethic and attitude. I would strongly recommend him to anyone of any age considering orthodontic work. If only I had more kids! Dr. Starling, you rock!!" - S.D.

"Dr. Starling and his staff are knowledgeable, friendly and professional. In addition to myself, my three children have received orthodontic treatment from Dr. Starling and I could not be more confident that we have had the best care and treatment. One of the things I most appreciate is that Dr. Starling does not recommend unnecessary treatments, and does not rush to use orthodontics before it is necessary. Would (and have) highly recommend him!" - Randie Shingleton

"I worked for Dr. Starling for 6 years while living in the Metro area. He was a very caring boss and professional. Dr. Starling is so very conscientious, and meticulous about his work. It was a pleasure to work for him, and with him." - Tracy Smith

"Kent put braces on my son Alex and really did some amazing work with exceptionally bad underbite problems. He was extremely professional and I can't say enough how much we appreciated all the work he did for Alex. I highly recommend Kent to anyone needing orthodontic work. He is professional, very skilled, and reliable. I have three more kids coming up and if they need orthodontic work I would never consider anyone else." - Angela Bacon

"We had a very good experience with Dr. Starling. He and his staff are very professional and there was always time to answer any questions or concerns. My daughter has a beautiful smile thanks to Dr. Starling and his staff." - Cathy Pinto

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